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to face legal uncertainty.

to defend your interests.

to understand your challenges.

About us

We see beyond
the dispute.

We are a peruvian law firm, committed to anticipating and discovering solutions in changing contexts, with proactive, practical legal advice always aimed at protecting your interests.

Our team will constantly strive to exceed your expectations by offering high-quality services tailored to you and your business.

Our Team

Added value based on
accumulated experience.

Our team of lawyers collectively has over 50 years of experience on preventing and solving disputes at the arbitration, administrative, and judicial levels. We have represented both individuals and legal entities in various areas of civil, commercial, and administrative law. Likewise, we understand in detail the causes of controversies in these areas and know how to prevent and resolve them in the best manner and promptly.

Máximo Gordillo
GCS Abogados
Pedro Cuzzi
GCS Abogados
Diego Saco
GCS Abogados

These principles are not just words; they are solid commitments that define every aspect of our interaction with our clients. Through these pillars, we strive to establish a relationship of trust and effectiveness, ensuring that each legal solution we offer and implement is aligned with the needs and expectations of our clients.


In communication

We express ourselves transparently at all stages of service, establishing a strong relationship of trust with our clients.

In detail

We focus on the details, identifying the roots and complexities of controversies to address them comprehensively.

In service

With a commitment to service, we accompany our clients in both the prevention and confrontation of their conflicts.

Disputes are inherent to human development, and our specialty is to prevent and resolve them effectively.

Our purpose is to provide you with high-quality legal services tailored to your needs. We aim to offer an experience of security and trust to our clients. For this, we have a highly experienced and upright team of lawyers who will constantly strive to exceed your expectations throughout all stages of our services.

What do we offer?

From prevention
to resolution.

GCS Abogados Prevention We can all sense conflict. Not everyone can prevent it.
GCS Abogados Strategy Anticipating technically will always be the best defense strategy.
GCS Abogados Legal Representation Conflict should not paralyze us. It should prepare us for future challenges.
GCS Abogados Support Experts in adding value to other legal teams.
GCS Abogados Shared Risk We can be your partners in the dispute.

We offer 5 legal services focused on preventing and resolving legal disputes. Each of these is designed to meet the needs of individuals or legal entities. We provide you with an agile legal team committed to anticipating and discovering solutions in contexts of change and high complexity, with proactive, practical advice always aimed at protecting your interests.